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Harkness Heights Celebrates Successful 23rd Annual Luminaria Night

 It was a cold but beautiful night. Luminarias everywhere! Of the 340 home in the Harkness Heights neighborhood, over 60 households participated in this annual fundraising event. 

 Harkness Heights is the neighborhood located between Federal and Lowell Boulevards and 41st and 44th Street.  We have lived here for 30 years and have watched the neighborhood become more and more desirable because of location and the beautiful bungalow houses built in the last century.

Preserving Houses for History & Simplicity

   I subscribe to American Bungalow,have for years. I enjoy reading the many articles on how people restore their beloved bungalows.  Like this month, Gene and Katy Welsh restoring their Prarie Home in LIberty, KS-not once but twice! It takes a special point of view to appreciate what old houses give us.

Carly's Eyes and Good Byes

Well, it wasn’t fun and it sure made me sad, but we put our dog down a few weeks ago. Yeah the one who was in the photo shoot with me. I miss that damn dog! She was always sneaking into my office and trying to be cozy on the tile floor. And although I always acted like she couldn’t be here [allergies you know] she was always welcomed to be at my feet. Her last few days were hard. As she became more and more uncomfortable, disabled and tired, we knew it was nearing time to let her leave this life and go to the next.

Edison Elementary Earth Day-Present and Future

Tonight, Neil and I were invited by our neighbor, Tina, to attend her son’s 1st grade Earth Day play! What a wonderful treat to be among children; excited, energized, noisy and happy. They were about to show us their Earth Day play. Aris played “Earth”-polluted, trashed and just plain abused by the other “humans” on stage. But in the distance, one could hear the “small voices” who convinced the others to clean up “Earth” and stop polluting!

When the French talk to each other

So I just had a wonderful evening.  A small group of French speaking people from my neighborhood met at a nearby French restaurant and spoke French.  Luckily among us was a real, genuine French speaking person who was very patient with our verb tenses, nouns, pronouns and gender agreement!  What a refreshing evening, not pretentious, not difficult but genuinely fun!  We talked about sayings in French that really are funny  like “he farts higher than his ass” translated as a snobby person!  Who would have thunk!!

Lemons Falling From The Sky

Once I was in Portugal and a lemon fell from a tree hitting  me on the head.  Given my real affection for lemon in and on everything, I thought it was quite appropriate that out of the foursome, 2 Jewish people and an Anglo,  the lemon hit me the Greek! If it had hit any of the others, nobody would be blogging about it tonight because it would have been a non-event!

Where’s Harkness Heights?

Okay, so we get really particular in Denver about which neighborhood is in which section of town.  We pride ourselves in living in “the” neighborhood.  For me and my family, it’s Harkness Heights.

Harkness Heights is one of 14 neighborhoods that make up the area called Highlands.  And that we are-one of the highest points in the city.

Harkness Heights has bout 320 households and stretches from Lowell on the west to Federal on the east and from 44th on the north to 41st on the south.

Why Is This Stuff Called Wine?

Retsina-that Greek wine made with resin-really!!! I’ve trier to drink this stuff. I keep thinking if I can only get past the first 2 glasses, I might actually enjoy it.

I have a friend, Tom (not Greek but none the less credible) who says there are some fine Retsinas.  I always wonder if what Tom is saying is true, or is it that he only remembers his 3rd glass!

Sien!  To Your Health.

When Dogs Get Old

My dog is at my feet. She’s not particularly fond of me, but I’m the only one home and she’s feeling like a little affection might be the way to go.